Here are some questions that prospective clients might ask:

Editing Services

Should I hire an editor?

If you are self-publishing, you should absolutely hire an editor (or editors).

If you plan on having your manuscript traditionally published, you may want to have your manuscript edited before submitting to an agent or publisher. However, your publisher might also hire an editor anyway.

What types of editing are there?

Developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting are distinct types of editing. They are typically performed in the following order:

  1. Developmental editing
  2. Line editing
  3. Copyediting

Each editing stage uses a different skill set. Your editor should be skilled in the particular type of editing you’re seeking.

Developmental editing is looking at the big picture of your manuscript.

Line editing is looking at how sentences are constructed and how they work with other sentences and paragraphs.

Copyediting involves checking spelling, grammar, style, punctuation, fact checking, and many other components. 

Is it copyedit or copy edit? Copyeditor, copy editor, or copy-editor?

It depends on whom you ask! They are all correct. Different style guides give different advice on which spellings to use. In the United States, copy editor and copyedit are the most popular with the style guides.

What do I get when you've completed my project?

Typically, you will receive a Microsoft Word document (.docx) with suggestions and comments using the Track Changes feature. This will allow you to reject or accept the various suggestions directly in Microsoft Word. If you prefer, I can send you the revised project in a clean format with all the suggestions accepted. Microsoft Word documents are the standard in the book publishing industry; however, I can work with other formats such as PDF.

If you did not have a style sheet when submitting your manuscript, you will receive a comprehensive style sheet that can be used by other editors and publishers. This document will be very helpful if you decide to write another piece with the same subject. This will ensure your other projects will conform to the same standards as your current one.

You will also receive a detailed narrative with comments on the suggested changes.


What do you charge for your services?

See my pricing page for details on my current rates.

Do you offer any discounts?

I don’t offer any discounts; however, we can discuss altering the level of editing.

Getting Started

What should I submit for my free estimate?

You should submit your entire manuscript because your estimate will include all work that needs to be completed. The industry standard is Microsoft Word (.docx) for most manuscripts.

What does my estimate include?

Your estimate will cover everything as long as there are no changes after I begin. I don’t believe in surprise charges, so I carefully go over your full manuscript to determine how long it will take.

You’ll also get a short sample edit of part of your manuscript (usually from the middle section). This will give you an idea of what to expect from my services.

I have questions not covered here about getting started. Can I speak to you?

I’d be happy to speak with you about your manuscript!