Line editing | Copyediting | Proofreading | Indexing

My prices are very competitive and all-inclusive. The Editorial Freelance Association (EFA) has published an editorial rate survey which outlines the average rates for the various types of editing. You can see the rate survey here.

Each project has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I give price quotes based on the amount of work and time it will take me to complete your manuscript. Your 100,000-word book may not need as much work as someone else’s 100,000-word book. To give you a fair and accurate quote, I’ll need to see your full manuscript. I will even edit a page as a sample to show you what kinds of edits you can expect.

Copyediting and line editing range from $25 to $35 per hour.

Proofreading is about $25 per hour.

Indexing goes for around $35 per hour.